We stand with you.

Zebraclub is a store that was started with diversity in mind. A store for everyone, no matter the shade of your skin color or how you choose to identify, thus the name Zebraclub. Our goal has always been to value every individual for who they are and not by the physical traits they may or may not possess.

This past year has been an amazing year not because of the struggles but by the light that has been shined in all the dark places. As Americans we like to pride ourselves on our diversity, tolerance and acceptance but as we learned this is not the case for everyone living in this country. Only by speaking up about all the injustices that occur can we allow for change. Systemic racism is alive and well in this country and it keeps millions of people oppressed prohibiting opportunities to live a good life. 

It is our duty end this! Not in the lifetime of our great-great-grandchildren, but now! Please do educate yourself and spread the word. 

Below are a few links to help you get started:

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