"We are the descendants of Matsqui George (Nooksack) and Annie James George (Nooksack), the mother of our three Grandmothers (Elizabeth, Mary and Emma Rose); all of the three grandmother's are Nooksack. On February 12, 2013 Nooksack Tribal Chairman Bob Kelly sent 306 of us a letter of intent to disenroll. We are a family with strong cultural ties that run very deep. Our Nooksack tribal lineage is very strong. We are battling to keep the Nooksack Council from stripping us of our inherent right to the Nooksack tribe."

"The evictions of the 63 is the most recent event in a years-long saga that began in 2013 after tribal leaders said an elder, Annie George, was not listed on a 1942 census, among other issues, making all 306 of her descendants enrolled in the tribe ineligible for citizenship. The “Nooksack 306” were officially disenrolled in 2018, and the 63 people now facing eviction are the last of the group still to be living on tribal land"

Safiuchi is one of the 306 disenrolled members of the Nooksack Tribe. "The inspiration to me for the 306 mural was the three sisters which are my great-grandmothers, and 306 is the number of family members that are being disenrolled right now." This was her inspiration for Seattle's first 306 disenrollment mural housed by us at Zebraclub. 


Take a photo in front of the 306 Mural at the Downtown Seattle Zebraclub location and:
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An entrepreneur, Artist, Author, Mother and Executive
Director "Heal Indigenous" Nonprofit with a mission to help the indigenous youth community.

"Born in Bellingham WA, raised on Nooksack Tribal reserve. Art has been imperative part of my life. My own anxiety and depression together with past trauma became the turning stone allowing me to recognize the horrible consequences as well as ever-lasting wounds a person goes through. Experiencing and realizing the acute stress I decided to state my quest of expressing, comforting, and apprising the community through the gift of ART."